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MediCupping™ Therapy

MediCupping™ therapy uses vacuum suction combined with massage cupping. A machine is used to create suction and pumping movements to lift and separate tissue layers. This facilitates the nourishment of undernourished and dehydrated tissue by enabling water absorption and renewed blood flow. Cupping is then used in different combinations to facilitate the movement of lymph, elimination of debris, and release of rigid fascia and muscle tissue.


MediCupping™ therapy is a gentle, and non-invasive technique that provides soothing, consistent and effective treatment for chronic and acute conditions such as muscle pain, restrictions in fascia and scar tissue, sinus congestion, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, edema, and cellulite. MediCupping™ therapy is also beneficial for preparation and recovery from surgical procedures.

Individual Treatments

MediCupping™ Therapy is used in conjunction with a neck and shoulder massage to ease muscle tightness caused by stress. A face lift and drainage is applied to help relieve sinus congestion, muscle tightness associated with TMJ and clearing the drainage pathways in the head and neck.

A complete MediCupping™ Therapy body treatment including the face lift and drainage. It is recommended that the client receive MediCupping™ Therapy on each body segment prior to receiving a full body treatment.

A very relaxing full body MediCupping™ Therapy treatment with the addition of specific essential oils blends. Each segment of the body will receive an essential oil application following the cupping treatment. The body is then wrapped to contain the body heat, allowing for enhanced muscle relaxation and absorption of the essential oils. The client receives a face lift and drainage treatment while the body is wrapped. The body cocoon treatment can be effective when received as a series of treatments for the elimination of wastes during weight loss, to reduce chronic anxiety and stress, and eliminate solid bloat (inflammation caused by dehydration of tissues and the inability of the lymphatic system to remove old waste and debris from the body).

Add-On Treatments

An add-on treatment is used on segments of the body to address specific needs or to introduce MediCupping™ therapy in stages, leading up to a full body treatment. Add-ons are incorporated into a therapeutic massage session and costs are in addition to the cost of the massage session.

Excellent for relieving muscle tension from rounded shoulders caused by computer work, long periods sitting in a car and extended time on electronic devices. Focus is also on the forearm, hands, and wrists to break down adhesions commonly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
Includes the area between the shoulder blades, down the spine, across the posterior and anterior ribs, and abdomen. The focus is on relieving the physical effects of stress that manifest in these areas including muscle tension, restricted fascia, trigger points, and assisting with digestion and elimination.

Focus is on loosening the larger muscle masses of the gluteals, hamstrings, and quadriceps as well as the lower leg, knee, and IT Band. The legs can become congested from sitting for long periods of time. MediCupping™ therapy helps to break up that congestion, improve circulation down into the feet, and release the adhesions that trap fluid in the tissues resulting in cellulite.

Light suction is used with gentle cupping movements to assist with the elimination of built-up fluid and wastes in the neck and face. This treatment is beneficial for relieving sinus congestion, headaches and tight muscles associated with TMJ. This treatment adds 15 minutes to the therapeutic massage session.

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